Better Choice Staffing

Better Choice Staffing is the only 100% locally owned and operated employment agency in Victoria, British Columbia that is not a franchise or corporately owned from outside BC.

We do not follow a standard template that a local franchise or large corporation would need to adhere to, instead Better Choice Staffing is original, an innovative business tailored by our unique and local community here in Victoria, BC.

We stand alone in being able to offer professional service that is unmatched, our attention to detail, and personalized and creative approach to service is what makes us stand out.
This coupled with our competitive pricing makes Better Choice Staffing the leading recruitment firm for businesses needing reliable, highly qualified staff on a temporary or permanent basis.

It will be reassuring for businesses to know that our bill rates are very competitive as we do not have to shoulder large corporate overhead, or franchise costs, nor do we need to follow corporate or franchise guidelines developed outside Victoria, BC. Our only guideline is providing exceptional service, tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

Better Choice Staffing specializes in working with clients to fulfil a range of HR functions, including: recruitment, screening, contracting, monitoring, and employee planning. Our personalized, attentive, and diligent services are supported by a screened supply of available talent. Locally owned and operated, we excel in understanding the needs of firms large and small across the Island’s vibrant and diverse private sector.

We are fortunate to have a team that has the most experience in managing BC public sector service agreements for staffing, and we pride ourselves in developing strong relationships with BC Hiring Managers across the board.