Better Choice Staffing understands you may have questions about our services, so we’ve compiled a list of the most common queries we receive.

Our Services

I am a job-seeker. Is it free to use your services?
Yes, our services to job-seekers are free of charge.

Are you a government-funded agency?
No, we are a private employment agency. As a local business, our income comes from our business clients. We do however work closely with government-funded employment centres to help unemployed residents find work.

What types of positions do you have available?
We recruit for a variety of roles within the fields of Administration, Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Communications, HR, Payroll, I.T., Project Management, and Corporate Customer Service.

Which companies do you work with?
We work with a number of public, private and non-profit organizations in Victoria, ranging in size from small independent offices to large nationwide franchises. Some of our clients include the provincial government, public sector agencies, Crown corporations, local or regional not-for-profits, financial institutions, legal firms, and local businesses. Some of our clients have corporate office environments, others are in more industrial settings.

Do you only offer temporary work?
Although a large portion of our staffing requests are temp-based, many clients also utilize our recruitment services for permanent needs within their businesses. Additionally, we have a high success rate of temporary staff being transitioned into permanent employees, based on their performance during an assignment.

Will Better Choice Staffing proactively search for positions that match my profile?

No, we are not job developers in that we do not actively research job vacancies or create job opportunities for our candidates. We are contacted by our business clients when they have job openings available that they would like our assistance filling. The opportunities we have available are based on our clients’ needs.

Who We Help

I am not looking for an entry-level clerical job. Is it worth registering with BCS?
The majority of requests we receive involve clerical components, but levels of responsibility range from basic reception support to higher-level requirements such as Legal Assistants, Executive Assistants or Managers. We also receive needs for designated accounting, HR, or project management professionals. Better Choice Staffing acts as an additional resource to complement your job search, so even if opportunities in your field of expertise don’t come up so often, it’s worth registering as a means of keeping your options open!

I am currently employed but interested in hearing about other opportunities. Can I register?
Certainly! Please just let us know your work schedule when sending us your resume, so that we can arrange an appointment at a convenient time within our opening hours. As our office closes at 4:30, the very latest appointment we can offer is at 4pm.

I only want to/can work part-time. Can I still register?
Yes! Although many of our temporary contracts are full-time Monday to Friday, we do occasionally receive requests for part-time assistance as well. We are always looking for candidates with flexible availability that are open to taking last-minute 1-day assignments. Additionally, if you are open to working full-time but only for short durations, we have many opportunities where clients may only be looking for 1-2 weeks of assistance.

Does BCS accept applications from students?
Yes, but please be aware that class schedules may limit certain employment opportunities.

I’m a student with a co-op requirement. Can Better Choice Staffing help me find a co-op or internship?
Unfortunately, we are unable to facilitate specific internships or co-ops for students with our clients.

I am retired but looking to go back to work. Will BCS have work for me? 
Definitely! We are proud to have a diverse pool of candidates, including those who have retired but are looking to keep busy with temp work.

I currently live on the Mainland but plan to move to Victoria. Can I register with BCS?
You may send us your resume, but please note that we prioritize those candidates already living in Victoria. This is because we typically receive a short turn-around-time for filling staffing needs. For practical reasons, it is therefore recommended that candidates register once they have secured housing in Victoria.

I am an immigrant living in Victoria with an open work permit/study permit. Can I register with BCS?
Candidates with a valid open work permit or study permit are welcome to send their resume. Permits must be presented during an interview, and it is the responsibility of the job-seeker to keep Better Choice Staffing updated on the status of any permit extension or permanent residency applications. Please note that due to the 20-hours-per-week work restrictions for study permit-holders during term time, there may be fewer employment opportunities for students. Better Choice Staffing is also unable to secure co-op placements for students.

Can BCS sponsor immigrants to work in Canada?
No. Better Choice Staffing can only work with job-seekers who already have a valid work permit legally allowing them to work in Canada. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that anyone who registers with us on a temporary work permit will find a permanent job that helps them apply for Permanent Resident status.

Getting Registered

How do I apply to register?
Please upload your resume in the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website and our Office Administrator will be in touch as soon as possible. Please note that our appointments are virtual until further notice. We do not conduct on-the-spot interviews for walk-ins.

What does an appointment with BCS involve?
During a meeting with one of our friendly staffing consultants, we will go over your current employment interests and goals, including the type of work you’re looking for, hours, location, salary, type of environment, etc. All of these questions help us to determine what sort of placements you may be suitable for.

We will also discuss your previous roles and experience, your education and transferable skills, and your accomplishments. There are no right or wrong answers; we simply want to gain a thorough understanding of your work background so that we can effectively promote your services to our clients.

What screening procedures are involved?
As part of the screening service offered to our clients, candidates will be asked to provide contact information for former/current direct managers or supervisors in order to complete reference checks. Computer testing will also be administered to ascertain proficiency levels in standard MS Office suites. Additional testing may be necessary for certain roles requiring specific software or technical skills.

Some of the positions we recruit for will also require completion of a criminal record check. We will inform you of this requirement when sending you an opportunity. The check is completed by BCS at no cost to the applicant.

I have over 10 years of office administration experience. Is it really necessary for me to do the computer testing?
Completion of the computer assessments is another screening service provided to and valued by our clients. Our experience placing candidates over the years has demonstrated that work experience does not always indicate computer proficiency. We appreciate that some people feel anxious about test situations, but please don’t worry that the results will reduce your chances of finding employment. Interestingly, candidates with years of experience often note how useful they find the tests for highlighting their rusty skills and refreshing their knowledge!

By registering with BCS do I sign an exclusive contract, or can I work with other agencies as well?
Better Choice Staffing does not require exclusivity, meaning that registered job-seekers are not legally obligated to use only our employment services. In fact, we encourage candidates to register with more than one agency to expand their pool of opportunities.

I registered with BCS two years ago, only to find a permanent job elsewhere. I am now looking for employment again. Can I re-register?
Absolutely! Whether you had registered a few months ago or a few years ago, please either send us a message via the ‘Contact Us’ page with your updated resume, or just send an email to our main address.

How long does it take to find employment through BCS?
Timelines for employment are difficult to determine as opportunities are dependent on the job market, our clients’ needs, and jobseeker preferences. Although we receive a steady stream of assistance requests on a weekly basis, we can never guarantee employment opportunities will be available upon registration. Some candidates are fortunate with timing and receive an opportunity on the same day they register; others might be waiting for a few weeks. Those with very fixed preferences or specific skill-sets tend to have the longest wait for the right match.

If I work for you as a temp, or am hired permanently by your client, how big a cut of my wage/salary do you take?
Better Choice Staffing does not take a cut of our employees’ wages or salaries. The pay rate you see on our job postings is what you would receive (before taxes). The fees we receive from business clients are not deducted from a candidate’s salary.


Do you offer virtual appointments?
Due to the ongoing pandemic, interviews are being conducted virtually until further notice, either through phone call or MS Teams video call.

Does your office have on-site parking?
No, we do not have on-site parking. The View Street Parkade is around the corner from our offices and there is street parking in the area. As parking downtown can be limited, we recommend that candidates allow ample time to find a space, or use public transit.

How accessible is your office for people who use a wheelchair?
Any candidates who use a wheelchair are interviewed on our ground floor, and we are happy to make alternative arrangements with computer testing. Our office has stairs-only access leading up to the second floor, where we have our washroom and computer testing room. We apologize for any inconvenience the above may cause. Please note, all interviews during the COVID-19 pandemic are being conducted virtually.

I have a disability that requires extra support with computer assessments. Can this be accommodated?
Once your interview appointment has been scheduled, please let us know the adjustments you will need, and we will do our best to support them. Care aids, readers, and translators are very welcome at the appointment!

It looks like you have a dog in the office, but I have a fear of them. How will this work?
Please just let us know in advance, and we will make sure Maddie is locked in an office for the duration of your appointment.


Additional Services

I am a business owner/HR Manager. Is Better Choice Staffing able to recruit candidates for senior or management positions outside of the clerical field?
Absolutely! Better Choice Staffing specializes in sourcing and screening candidates for a variety of staffing needs. Conducting site visits also allows us to get a better idea of the work environment, helping us find the right candidate for the role.

Does BCS assist with resume-writing?
At this time we do not provide resume-writing services to the public, but we will provide an update if this changes.

I am applying for a job and have to provide proof of my computer skills. Does your agency offer general computer skills training and testing?
No, our computer assessments are only administered for people registering with our agency. For computer training, we recommend looking into Sprott Shaw College.

Do you have an employee referral scheme?
While we greatly appreciate word being spread about our services, we do not have a rewards system in place for employees who refer our services to others. Please note, individuals that are referred to our agency through an internal connection are still required to complete our standard screening procedures.